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Charitable Funds Managed by the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry

Geoff Block

The recipient of a bachelor's in business from Tulane University, Geoff Block is an experienced commercial real estate investor who has served as manager of South Carolina's RLB Squared, LLC, since 2013. Outside of his professional pursuits, Geoff Block is an avid supporter of his home state’s Lowcountry Strong Foundation, one of more than 270 charitable funds managed by the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry. Other funds under the foundation’s management include the following:

1. Arco Music Academy Scholarship Fund. This scholarship fund awards qualified prospective postsecondary music students with financial support. It primarily supports those students seeking education in orchestral string instruments.
2. Beaufort County Rail Trail Fund. Created by Pathway Connect and Greater Bluffton Pathways, this fund supports the development of a 25-mile stretch of railroad track into a multi-use paved walking trail.
3. Polaris Tech Charter School Fund. This fund provides support for services and programs offered by the Polaris Tech Charter School, which employs a unique and personalized learning model to help prepare students for college and career success.
4. Spartina Dolphin and Sea Turtle Stranding Response Fund. This fund supports the rescue of injured sea turtles and dolphins in Beaufort County as well as the subsequent data collection used to monitor the collective health of the population.

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